If you are planning to hire a cybersecurity company like SecurityX then you should know about some of the major tests available to identify the security threats in your processes. Scalability testing is one of the important methods in which the performance of an application is measured to scale up or down the number of user requests. It is not limited to the number of user requests only but also other kinds of performance measure attributes. This test can perform at the software, hardware, or database level.

There are different parameters used for this testing from for a web page, for one app to another app. It could be network usage, CPU usage, number of users, while for a web server it would be the number of requests processed.

The prime pros of performing scalability tests on an application are to have a clear understanding of the user behavior at the time of maximum load and the ways to resolve it. Also, this test helps to recognize server-side degradation and response time in terms of application user load. That is why; this test is considered a priority in several organizations throughout the globe.

Following are the steps to test the scalability of an application:

  • Make repeatable test scenarios regarding each of the testing attribute
  • Start testing the application for several levels of load like low, medium, and high loads and observe the behavior of an application
  • Make a test stable environment that is capable to withstand the entire scalability testing cycle
  • Construct the hardware required to perform this testing
  • Explain a set of virtual users for verifying the behavior of an application under different user load
  • Do repetition of the test scenarios for different users under moving conditions of internal applications, database, and hardware changes
  • If there is a clustered environment, make sure if the load balancer is directing the user to different servers to make sure that no server is overloaded by the series of requests.
  • Implement the test scenarios in the test atmosphere
  • Observe the reports generated and make sure the areas of improvement, if found any

In a nutshell, scalability testing is one of the most preferred as it is the nonfunctional testing methodology to verify that an application can scale up or down to the unreliable attributes. The prime goal of this test is to determine the level of application begins to degrade at a maximum level load and take the appropriate steps to manage the load. If the test is done properly for risk assessment major errors can be uncovered in the developed application that may occur in software, hardware, and database.

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